In Touch!


National Museum of the History of Ukraine, str. Volodymyrska, 2
06.10.2023 → 01.01.2025
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In Touch!

Modern communication tools allow users to instantly communicate with subscribers anywhere in the world, buy things or products from a distance, pay bills, transfer money, work remotely, study, and share information with millions of audiences on different continents. We have become accustomed to this and consider it the norm, but it was not always the case.

The history of new means of communication was full of impressive inventions, which have always been made by talented people – scientists and inventors from all over the world.

The exhibition features old letters, postcards, radios, telephones from the early 20th century to the present day, equipment of the first telephone exchanges, 19th-century telegraphs, a payphone that stood in Kyivs Podil district in the 1990s, one of the first computers, and much more. In addition, one can hear negotiations on the Russian radio station R-168, which the military removed from a Russian control vehicle destroyed in the battles near Kyiv in 2022.

The project features an interactive location called Steve Jobs office, where visitors can take pictures at the famous inventors desk.

The exhibition is curated by Aliona Iakubets, Head of the Department of Modern History of Ukraine.

Project partners: Borys Paton State Polytechnic Museum, Ukrtelecom, National Defense University of Ukraine, Apple Technology Museum by YABLUKA technical network.